Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girl's Bow Holder

With three little girls in our family, we have A LOT of bows/flowers/cutesy things for hair. They have been sort of floating around between bedrooms, but I wanted one central location for all of them. And, I wanted it to go in the bathroom, since that is where I do their hair each morning.
Here it is!

I'm killing myself for not taking a before picture. This was one of those dry erase calendars that I got off freecycle. It was ugly, but I knew that I could cover it up and give it some new life.

New life almost always starts with Mod Podge! I covered the surface with a layer of Mod Podge, laid the fabric down on top of it, then coated that with Mod Podge and let it dry. I think I did 2 coats.

Then I laid out the ribbons so they were spaced the way I liked it. I hot glued each ribbon in the middle of the board to hold it in place.

And glued the ribbons to the back as well.

All done! This is what it looked like before I added all the hairbows. Now you can barely see the ribbons because the whole thing is covered up!

This project was 100% free to me (except that I ran out of Mod Podge and had to get some more). The board was from freecycle, the fabric was from last 4th of July, and the ribbons/rick rack were left over from other projects. I think it turned out pretty cute for "use what you have" crafting, but I envision it being much cuter with zebra print fabric and hot pink ribbons. I'll save that one for you to do!

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  1. Very cute idea. It turned out great. I think I need to figure out something that I can transform into a bow holder.