Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Hang Pictures on the Wall

I know that it seems like I've fallen off the face of the planet..... Sorry. I have actually been working on projects, but haven't made time to blog them yet.
My vision for my loft has always been that it would be a place for our family to be together enjoying life. It is where my craft supplies are, where the computer is, where the girls' creative play toys are, where we keep board games and puzzles.... It really is where we spend the majority of our time. I wanted something in the room to reflect who we are as a family. (I also want to paint a mural of a tree with cute little birdies in it, but that's another story.)
So I started collecting frames from DI, garage sales, under my bed, etc. I spray painted them so they all match, because they were a hodge podge of different shades, shapes, and textures.

Then, I laid them out on the floor and fiddled with them until they were in an arrangement I liked. I wanted it to be casual and fun, which is why they are all kind of randomly (purposely) placed.

I traced the outlines of the frames and where the picture hanging thingies on the backs of them were onto a huge sheet of wrapping paper. Then I taped that to the wall and put my nails in through the wrapping paper. This way, I know they are all positioned exactly how I wanted them, and I didn't put a million extra holes in the wall.
Tore the wrapping paper down (of course it was Tinkerbell Christmas paper, what else does a family of girls have lying around?), and hung up the pictures. There it is. Our cute little family. I love it.


  1. You are adorable, missed your blogs!

  2. Um, where did you learn that little trick with the wrapping paper? That will be very helpful to know. The arrangement looks wonderful, I love it.