Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher Thank You Gift

Today was the last day I taught my middle daughter's Joy School. Tomorrow is the final day for my oldest's preschool. I can't wait for summer!
I decided I wanted to put together a little thank you gift for Anna's teachers. So I reached way back in my craft life to when I used to make cards. Seriously, it's been FOREVER since I made a card. But, nothing says summer time like bright colors, fruity flavors, and cute cards!
In my former card-making life, I was part of a Stampin' Up card club. All of my papers, inks, and stamps are from there. The thing I LOVE about Stampin' Up is that they coordinate all their stuff so well, so you pretty much can't go wrong with combining colors.
Happy End of School! Thanks to our awesome teachers!


  1. Laurie! this is Heidi Beddoes. I love your creative ideas! Is it okay if I add you to my blog list? (I found you through your link on facebook when you posted your bed)

  2. I love your cards and am glad you pulled out all your stuff to make something so cute! Way to go!