Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Curtain Call

Let's talk about curtains. They can really add a finishing touch to a room, bringing it all together. They can also be super expensive. It makes me want to choke when I look at the Pottery Barn catolog and see curtains for $80 a panel. I mean, really, who is paying that? That's like a week's worth of groceries!
But I digress. In the process of finishing our bedroom, I wanted to add some curtains to our windows. But here's the thing about our bedroom: there are two windows that are fairly small and I didn't want to cut off the natural light. I wanted something light and airy to make it feel fresh, and to contrast with the heaviness of our bed. (Have I mentioned how I love my bed?)
You want to know my cheap, yet effective solution?
A white sheet.
Yep, from our queen bed set that doesn't fit the new bed. I cut the sheet into four equal peices, hemmed the sides, and hung them on my wall. So easy! You could totally find a sheet at DI or a garage sale to do this with.
Here's another thing: Everyone says that hanging your curtains higher than your window makes your window look bigger and makes your room taller. I did not believe until I tried it with these. It really does add height to the room! Also, because the windows are small and I didn't want to cut off the sunshine, I hung most of the curtain over the wall, and very little actually overlaps the window. See the illusion that my window is bigger than it really is?
Hanging the curtains with the ring clips made the project easier because I didn't have to sew a pocket for them to go over the curtain rod. And I really like the look of it, it just has more personality.
And, I want to share with you a great find I had: Big Lots has curtain rods and ring clips for about $5 less than anywhere else. My rods were $6.99 and the rings were $5.50 for 14. Can't beat it. The total for my curtains was $20!

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