Friday, June 18, 2010

If I could offer one peice of advice to myself and all others out there, it would be: Go hug your kids. My second peice would be: If something drives you nuts, change it.

We have builder basic white walls at our house. We've painted some, but for the most part, our walls are white. Here are some things I've learned about white walls:
1. They show every single bingle finger print, muddy dog paw, crayon mark, spilled spaghetti, etc. that crosses their path.
2. They also showcase the boogers that Kate wipes there. (tell me she will grow out of this)
3. They are BORING!

My walls were driving me nuts, especially in our loft. We have a lot of black furniture, and the white walls with the black was just too much. So we spent Memorial Weekend painting, and Voila! A loft I am happy with. I added some new pillowcases and curtains, but everything else we already had. I'm so happy with the difference!
My crafty area
Computer armoire-- a treasure at the DI if I ever saw one!
And the curtains, just fabric I cut and clipped with the curtain rods. No sewing required!

Just this touch of color goes a long way to making the room feel cozier. I'm loving it.

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  1. That looks great! I love the new way you have rearranged the furniture too. Makes it look(and probably feel) more open.