Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft Table

Someone recently emailed me about my craft table. Can I just tell you, creating this craft table has made a huge difference in my ability/motivation to work on projects? I assure you, it never looks this clean. Currently there are two unfinished projects stuffed in one corner, 2 library books, my iron that died last week, my sewing basket, and a stack of fabric I got out today because I'm thinking of making a quick dress for my daughter's school pictures on Wednesday.
The beauty is-- it's all out right where I need it. One of the hardest things about starting a project is getting all the supplies ready. It seems like by the time you get that done, the baby wakes up and crafting time is over. So, I would encourage you to create a little space that you can do your projects on. If it turns out you have company coming over, you can always stuff the supplies in the closet (or in this case, under the table skirt.) and your house will look clean again.
So, how to make a craft table? I found a nasty old folding table in my mom's basement. I bet your mom/grandma/great aunt/crazy neighbor has one you could have. I painted the top of it black and then found some fabric I liked. I think it took 3 yards to do my table. And seriously? I just glue gunned it on there. Yes, a year later some peices are sagging, but I can just glue gun it again once I get motivated. I tried to create little pleats here and there with the fabric for looks, but it's certainly not necessary.
Find your crafting place. Make it a place you enjoy. If you google it, you'll find tons of inspiration.

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