Thursday, November 25, 2010

100 Things I'm Thankful For

In no particular order....

1. My husband
2. My daughters
3. My parents
4. My in-laws and extended family
5. My health
6. My children's health
7. Competent medical care when we need it
8. Insurance-- it costs a ton, but we'd be in huge trouble without it
9. My husband's job so I can stay home with my kids
10. The Gospel
11. My friendly neighbors
12. Close friends that I've known forever
13. Close friends that I've only known a little while
14. Good books
15. My computer
16. My education
17. My experience as a social worker
18. Comfortable pajamas
19. Cozy warm bed
20. The moon
21. The sun
22. The stars
23. Camping
24. Being a counselor at Oakcrest
25. Indoor plumbing
26. Yummy food
27. Snow at Christmas time
28. Any day when the high temperature is around 80 degrees
29. My talents
30. Your talents!
31. Being surrounded by so many amazing people who teach me new things
32. The pears I canned this fall. De-lish
33. Diapers that don't leak
34. Car seats and other safety devices
35. Vaccines. (there's opening a can of worms....)
36. Freedom to make my ow choices
37. Men and women who sacrifice for this freedom. It's just as much of a sacrifice to be the wife/mother who stays home and worries while her husband is fighting in a war
38. Fun blogs to read
39. Facebook to connect me with old friends
40. My calling as a Sunbeam teacher
41. Our ward/stake leaders
42. The prophet
43. On nights when my girl is sick, I am thankful that I remembered to pick up the toys on her floor before bed. That way, when she threw up in the middle of the night it only messed up the carpet and I didn't have to disinfect 50 billion toys.
44. People who work hard to make our community a better place
45. People who plant flowers along Main St. in our town every spring
46. Swimming pools
47. Life jackets
48. Parks
49. Tall trees that give lots of shade
50. Lilacs and their delicate scent
51. The way daffodils are the happy announcers that spring has arrived
52. Perspective
52. Learning from mistakes
53. Autumn leaves, especially crunchy ones
54. Libraries. How awesome is it that we can go there and pick out something we want and they let us take it home for free?
55. Story time at the library
56. Amazing teachers like Mrs. Burgi and Ms. Heather
57. The nice old guys who work at Macey's
58. Warm coats
59. The trail by our house
60. Memories
61. Giving service
62. Receiving service
63. Toddler cheeks
64. Little babies' soft squishy bums
65. My testimony
66. Smart people
67. Kind people
68. Sledding
69. Skiing
70. Snowshoeing
71. Hot chocolate
72. Girl's night out
73. Date night
74. Family night
75. Crayons, markers, playdoh, watercolors.... and everything else that helps to keep my children entertained and explore their creativity
76. My college roommates (I had a dream about us all being back in the apartment last night)
77. Dreams
78. Disneyland
79. Paris
80. U2 (my husband and I fell in love at a U2 concert)
81. Temples
82. Good deals you find on the internet
83. Going out to eat
84. The shelves in our game closet
85. The scriptures
86. Fresh spices (seriously, using fresh basil instead of dried makes all the difference!)
87. Food storage
88. My sewing machine
89. craiglist
90. Yard sales
91. Clothes that fit
92. My camera
93. Scrubbing Bubbles
94. Good movies
95. Good music
96. Good friends for my kids
97. My one neighbor who lets me borrow anything I ever need
98. Opportunity
99. Black Friday sales
100. Comments (hint, hint)


  1. Loved your "Thankful to be a Mother" series. Always inspiring. Oh and I loved your 100 things you are thankful for.

  2. Awe, that is so sweet! We made the list. I am thankful for you and the others as well.