Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fingerpaint Turkey

Here's a simple Thanksgiving craft that even a toddler can do.

 Use finger paint to paint their palm brown, fingers alternating yellow and red.
 Have the child press their hand onto the paper. Voila! Little handprint turkeys!
 And, since the fingerpaints are out, why not paint a picture of a scarecrow in the ocean?
 Love feeling the ooey-gooey paint as we make our creations.
"All done!"
This was the first time I'd done finger paints with my youngest. At first she was really hesitant, but once she understood I was okay with her making a huge mess, she went wild. Don't be afraid to do things with your kids just because it will be messy. They need to experience all sorts of different textures, smells, sounds, etc. They also need an outlet for creative energy. Crayons can only take you so far, you know?


  1. Very cute idea! My kids love finger painting and I need to let them do it more and get over the mess of it!