Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hold on to your children

If you came to my house today, this is what you would see:
 My family room looks like this.

We tore everything apart over the weekend to paint, but still haven't put it back together. Why is it that I decide to do major projects when there's really no time to get them done? Why is it that I have decided that now is the right time to go through everything on my shelves to weed out the irrelevant stuff?

 My sink looks like this. A little bit of dishes from last night, breakfast, and lunch.

My bed looks like this. Like the laundry basket threw up all over it.

Seriously, I wonder if I have cleaning ADD. I seem to be incapable of completing a project before starting a new one.
And so, rather than spew off fabulous mothering advice for the day, I am going to work on cleaning my house. My advice (to myself especially) is that sometimes you've just got to do what needs to be done,even if it's not fun.

Here's a great quote from RosemaryWixom, Primary General President at Oct. 2010 conference:
"Parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, Primary leaders-- each of us can reach out to hold onto the children. We can stop, kneel down, and look into their eyes and feel of their innate desire to follow the Savior. Take hold of their hands. Walk with them. It is our choice to anchor them on the path of faith."

So, even if your house is a mess, even if you forget to do your hair and make up 75% of the time, even if all you can make for dinner is Captain Crunch.... Hold on to your children. The mess won't last forever, but they will.


  1. Thanks for the quote, that is great! I have messes spread all over too, projects on my list to complete, one day right?

  2. Looks like my house Every Day! Especially the laundry. It's my nemises lol