Friday, November 19, 2010

Kid Activity: Paint a Mural

 Once I helped a lady in our ward move and she gave me a bunch of her junk that she didn't want to take with her. I am a sucker for free junk! I scored a griddle (which I use at least twice a week) and a roll of butcher paper. My kids are HUGE fans of the butcher paper.

 One day I just taped a long stretch of it to an open wall in our kitchen and let them paint a mural. Painting a mural is different than painting a picture on a table because it's so much bigger and you get to stand up! They loved it, even though the younger ones didn't exactly utilize all the space.

My favorite was this from our little friend Max. He painted a picture of how he learned to dive this summer.

Do you see a little boy diving there? I sure do.

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