Thursday, December 23, 2010

National Turn Your Bed Into a Fort Day

Were you aware that today is a holiday? It's National Turn Your Bed Into A Fort Day. Probably made up by some mom who was desperate to entertain her children during Christmas break, but a real holiday nonetheless. I first heard about it through my cousins' family-- every year each kid turns their bed into some sort of fort (usually they have a theme like Beach Vacation or Army or Star Wars, etc.). Their dad picks his favorite fort and the winner is declared. This tradition continued while my cousin was on his mission in North Carolina, and continues today even though he's married and lives away from home. How fun is that?
We decided to participate this year, although I did it the easy way and just threw blankets around the edges of the bunkbed.

 Of course we had to have treats inside our fort. We ate neighbor goodies and took turns telling stories.

This one's not sure what's going on, but is happy to party!

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