Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do it with your kids Wednesday: Toilet Paper Roll People

Have you noticed how sometimes your kids have a playdate and they just play together perfectly, leaving you to get your own chores done or blog or whatever.... but other times it's like they are just craving attention, structure, and purpose? That's how our playdate went yesterday. They really wanted to do a craft, so I just pulled out my box of supplies and let them have at it.
Supplies used: empty toilet paper rolls, glue, markers, scissors, tissue paper, yarn, tape, pipe cleaner. Pretty much just whatever I had hanging out in the box.

 A little glue to hold down the princess's gown.

 A little yarn for princess hair. (We used double sided tape for this part and it was perfect!)

 A little sparkly pipe cleaner for arms...

A couple stickers for the prince's initials (Prince Edward James in case you were wondering)

And voila! A toilet paper roll royal ball! The girls had a blast making them, and then played with them for the next hour, taking them on trips around the kingdom (her bedroom).

It's days like this that I am glad to have a box of miscellaneous craft supplies for my kids. I just kind of hoard things that are kind of cute in one box and the kids can use anything in there when we do stuff like this. Moral of the story: keep your junk, especially toilet paper rolls. They have about a million uses!

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