Friday, May 6, 2011

3 Month Supply of Food Storage: Step Two

 Are you ready to organize your 3 month supply checklist? Here's a handy poster for just that purpose.

First, organize your items. I did one that was all breakfasts, one that was all lunches, one for snacks, one for canned fruits/veggies, etc. I ended up with 11 little lists, which I printed off in a table. Then to make my poster line up better I printed off a blank one, which I guess I'll fill up with things like toilet paper and deodorant sometime.

 On your little table, include how many of each item you need for the three months. For example, I need 6 packages of spaghetti, one package of instant potatoes, etc.
Then, make little strips of paper (mine were about 4.25x.75 inches). On each strip of paper, write the item you need and the quantity you need to have the full 3 months worth. If it's something huge, like my 108 tortillas, put it on a few different strips so that it's more manageable. I think I did my tortillas in groups of 24 because that's how big the pack is that I usually buy.
 So, you can see that I need one package of instant potatoes. I have that item in my pantry right now, so I tuck the strip in the folder/card thingie where it belongs.

 But what if I didn't have the item? Or what if I used my package of instant potatoes and therefore had none? I simply transfer the strip into the "Items to Purchase" folder/card thingie at the top of the poster. This way, I have a way to track the items I have used and need to replace. Then, when I see that item on sale again, I can purchase it and the little Instant Potatoes strip goes back to its' regular home.
Got that?
Here's a closeup of all my folder/card thingies. Notice there's not a lot of strips in them. That's because my Items to Purchase one is bulging! I need to get going on my food storage, don't I?
I hope this is helpful to you. If you have questions, please ask.


  1. I am so glad you posted this, I am so doing this asap. I get so overwhelmed with food storage that I don't even know where to start. This seems so much easier and less stressful. Thanks!

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  3. Oops. Let me try again. This a great way to keep a food storage inventory. You've made it visual and kept it simple.