Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Goo Gone

I have this box of cleaning supplies that I get into about 3 times a year. Strangely, most of the things inside are items we got for our wedding (nearly 9 years ago!) which are useful but don't fit in with the weekly cleaning routine. Yet, there days when I am grateful beyond words for whatever miscellaneous wedding attendee gifted me this gem.
Enter today's hero: Goo Gone

This stuff rocks! Some little stinker left gum in her pocket and it melted all over my dryer. It was such a mess, though miraculously none ended up on the clothes. After trying to clean it up with an ice cube (hey, it works when gum gets stuck in hair, right?), I remembered the Goo Gone from the wedding box. After just a few minutes of the Goo Gone resting on my gummy spots, they came right off. 
Hooray Goo Gone! I am glad to own you, even if I rarely use you.
Knock on wood.

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