Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Round Table (Spray Paint Tutorial)

, One thing that I think everyone should know is this: Spray Paint is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, I LOVE spray paint, because it's so easy and cheap and makes such a difference.
So, here's my tutorial on how to spray paint a little table. I bought this table for $1 at a yard sale two years ago. I love the shape and the cute little legs. I do not love the tabletop, which is all warped from people not using coasters. The solution is obvious. Spray paint over it.
I chose to paint mine black because that's kind of the theme in our house. Any color would work. And, I'm sure some spray paints are better than others, but I just chose the mid-priced one at Walmart. When you actually spray paint, the key is to do light coats so the paint doesn't run down. I think covering this table took about 3-4 coats of paint.

It looks fine with the flat black finish, but I kind of like the country/shabby look, so I sanded the edges of mine. This little sander thing is awesome! I borrowed (stole) it from my mom when we moved into this house and she's never asked for it back, so I use it all the time. You just kind of go over the edges with the sander. You could do it with regular sandpaper, it would just take a while.

See the sanded edge? I think it just adds a fun element. Not necessary, but cute.

The next step is to go over the entire table with wood stain. It's so easy, just follow the directions on the can. It makes the whole thing look a little richer, and it gives a good color to those areas that were just sanded.
Let it dry. You can put a clear coat of spray paint on it if you want to protect it, like if you were going to be putting drinks on it or something.

Voila! Cute table for the front room!

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  1. Wow! That looks so much better. I am very impressed that you had the vision for that.