Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ottoman Slipcover

One thing I've always wanted was an ottoman. A cozy place to put my feet while I watch a movie and snuggle with my husband. A safe place for my baby to hold onto while learning to stand up because she won't cut her head open on some sharp coffee table corner. A mini-trampoline for my older girls. (Okay, that wasn't my vision, but that's what it became.)

So, I found a couch, loveseat, and ottoman at a yard sale for $30. Seemed like a good deal so I brought them home. My dear husband said something like "You are addicted to buying furniture." That might be true.

They were comfy, but the fabric was old and beat up. I needed to cover the ottoman before we could ever use it. Then I got a brilliant idea. I already had a sofa slipcover that was the perfect color but didn't fit the sofa. Why not use it to make the ottoman cover?

This is where I make a confession. I did this because it was free. I don't necessarily recommend it, because it did make things a little trickier, what with trying to find sofa-ish peices that were the right size for the ottoman peices.

I couldn't find a tutorial, so I just kind of made it up. It doesn't look terrible, but there are some things I would change if I had it do all over again. I figure:

1. We're a casual family.

2. The primary function of this peice of furniture is to put our feet on.

So, who cares if it's not perfect?

After I finished it, I found a tutorial. Grrr.

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