Thursday, February 4, 2010

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

I hope you all know the story of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Basically, you do this simple thing by giving the mouse a cookie and he keeps asking for more and more stuff until it's snowballed out of control, in a cute way.
Well, that's what has happened with our bedroom. See, I saw those plans for the Farmhouse Bed, and felt inspired. I've been bored with our bedroom forever, but not really known what to do with it. Anyway, I was inspired by the Farmhouse Bed, so I thought to myself, "If I can sell our current bed for the cost of the Farmhouse Bed, then I can do this project." I listed it on craigslist and had about 600 people call. It sold quickly. (Note that this all happened before the husband had come home from work and heard anything about any of this.)
Well, the next thing I knew, one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was getting rid of her king mattress. And, since we've always wanted a king, and since we were now bed-frameless and would be building our own..... I snatched it.
So then the husband came home and I let him in on the new plan. He's such a trooper, he agreed to build us a bed!
Of course, it stands to reason that if we're going to go to the trouble of building our own bed we should probably paint the bedroom before hand. So once again, while the husband was at work I sneaked to Home Depot and bought all the paint and supplies. I had 2 walls done by the time he got home, which is pretty impressive considering my 3 children. Then we had to stay up till midnight finishing the paint job.
And then, since we're building our own bed we can make it whatever color we want (meaning that I want, which is pretty much always going to be black). But, our old furniture was a dark brown wood, so that meant I had to paint that black too.
I haven't cleaned my house for at least a week. I only do enough dishes to get us through the next meal. I finally broke down and did laundry, but that was because all the girls were out of socks, so I couldn't tell them to borrow from their sisters any more. I have piles of stuff everywhere as I try to decide what to keep from the bedroom and what to donate or trash. It's a little chaotic around here, but it shouldn't last long. I hope.
All this from one little blog viewing at Knock Off Wood.

Here's the before of our bedroom. Note the white walls--- Boring!

Here's a sneak peek at the new bedroom. I can only show you the paint because everything else is unfinished.

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