Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tutorial: Ruffle Bottom Onesie

How I ever made it through 3 baby girls without making these adoable onesies.... I'll never know. A big thanks to my neighbor for having a baby girl and giving me an excuse to make one (er, several). They are so easy and so cute!

Materials required:
plain onesie
fabric scraps

Step One:
Cut 3 strips of fabric 3x15 inches.

Step Two:
Serge, zig zag, or cut with pinking shears each of the edges. This will keep the fabric from fraying after it's been washed. Note: You don't have to do this if you're using knit fabric.

Step Three:
Sew a gather stitch down the middle of each strip of fabric. This means that you set your tension to the highest setting and your seam length to the highest setting and sew a straight line. Leave a lot of thread on each end.

Step Four:
Pull the top thread (the non-bobbin thread). This will cause the fabric to gather. Just keep pulling and adjusting your ruffle as you go.

See how it is gathering up so cute?

All three fabric strips are gathered and ready to be sewn onto the onesie.

Step Five:
Sew the strips onto the back of the onesie. I tried to place them really close together so that it would make the ruffles stick out more.
How precious is that?
(We'll talk later about the embellishments on the fronts)

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