Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do It With Your Kids Wednesday: Wash Wastebaskets

If you are not using your children as your personal servants, you are wasting manpower.

Just kidding. I do like to have my kids help with household chores (sans allowance, so they learn that we are all part of the family and we all have to work to take care of the house.... but that's my personal philosophy). One thing they actually ask to do is wash out the wastebaskets. That's because it's so much fun!

We grab all the garbage cans in the house, a couple rags and dish soap, and head out to the lawn. We spray them down, wash them out, and have a water fight. It's so fun. In fact, today, our fun was so apparent that our neighbors came out to join in! We ended up outside for 4 hours playing in the water with friends.

I didn't get any photos of the action, but this is what my driveway looked like afterward:

I love how my neighbor's blow up pool shark looks like he wants to eat my garbage can. Have you been having fun in the water with your kids this summer?

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