Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid Activity: Bean Tree

Here's a simple holiday craft to make in an hour or so:

A Bean Tree!
 (reference to Barbara Kingsolver, did you get it?)

Start by cutting out a Christmas tree shape on contact paper. Glue the non-sticky part to a sheet of cardstock.
 Assemble your supplies. (We figured out that the twirly noodles didn't stick very well.)

Peel off the paper guarding the sticky side of your contact paper. Now all your little beans will stick without a fuss!

While we were making this, my little girl said "I love to feel them." It's true-- they really do feel cool, especially when you're all finished and running your hand over the entire thing. It's fun to feel the different textures of each legume.


  1. Genius! I never would have thought to do that with contact paper. It work for all sorts of fun crafts. Guess I will have to buy some contact paper that is actually sticky. :)

  2. Laurs! You did it! You did Nablopomo! I am so proud! I only made it halfway! And I am so sorry that I didn't do a guest post. I guess you know who your real friends are now : )

    I had a really hard time being thankful to be a mother last month ; ) I loved your posts though, nice work!