Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White (Chocolate) Christmas

My new philosophy is that everything is better when it's covered in chocolate. Over the next few days I'll share some favorite chocolate covered Christmas treats with you. What's awesome is that covering something in chocolate is DELICIOUS and EASY. You can do it start to finish in less than an hour.

 Start with quality ingredients:
1 bag of Oreos (yes, mine are the Great Value brand. No one will be able to tell that they're not the real thing). I didn't end up using the whole bag. Maybe 2/3 of it.
Red/green sprinkles
1 lb white chocolate (in the baking aisle. You could also use almond bark)

 Break the chocolate chunks into a bowl and microwave them. Do one minute, then stir. Then add 30 seconds, stir again. Keep going in 30 second intervals until it's nice and melted.

 Dunk your cookies in the white chocolate. Super messy. Super yummy.

 Add sprinkles for a holiday feel.

Do a taste test. So yummy! And so embarrassing if it's you that's got the crumbs all over yourself.

I found this idea from Callie at Make It Do

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  1. I am going to try this. I love making what I call "Oreo balls" they are a lot like this but a little different. Here is the recipe for that if you ever wanna try....

    8 oz cream cheese
    Chocolate chips
    1 package or Oreos
    1 package of Vanilla Almond Bark
    Wax paper

    mix together cream cheese and frosting from inside of Oreos
    crush outsides of Oreos (I use a blender cuz you want them really fine.)
    Mix the two together
    roll mix up into balls
    freeze for 2 hours
    melt Almond Bark in microwave
    roll balls in Almond Bark until covered then place on wax paper.
    melt chocolate chips and drizzle over balls after they are dry.