Friday, February 4, 2011

At Last!

 At long last, my dresser/sideboard redo is finished! I bought it clear back in November and it has been tormenting me ever since! Mostly because I was too busy to paint it and the previous color was a variation of Yuck.

For this project, I actually sanded the whole thing down and painted it with Behr Black Kettle. I know, I usually do spray paint, but I already had the black so I went with that.

Then I sanded down the edges to give it a worn look. I used a sanding block, which costs about $5 at Lowe's. It was nice because I could get into the crevices on the doors, which thing could not be done with my Mouse electric sander.
After sanding, I stained the entire thing and coated it in polyurethane. You can read more about that here.

The other problem was the doors. If you look closely, there's kind of a rectangular checkerboard pattern going on there. I thought of filling it in with wood filler, but thought it would take too long. I also considered covering them with beadboard, but the reality is that I live at least 30 minutes from anywhere that sells beadboard and I was feeling too impatient.

So I just flipped the doors around and painted what was previously the backside and is now the front side. Slick, eh?
New handles on the doors and a coat of spray paint on the pulls for the drawers and it was finished. Woot! One resolution down, forty five million to go!

Lastly, I want to shout for joy that this clock is finally on the wall. I bought it for ten bucks at a yard sale in July and it has been leaning against my bedroom wall ever since. Hallelujah for getting that taken care of as well!


  1. The clock looks great there! I am glad you finally got that on your wall....I would have hated to see it go the way of craigslist. And I love your new sideboard.

  2. I am so in love with what you did! The whole thing all put together looks like a page out of a magazine! Way to go you!!