Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Wreath Tutorial

Here is the perfect project to do while watching a movie. I know, because my husband was out of town last week and I watched A LOT of movies. This is pretty mindless, so once you get in the groove, you can bust out 45 of these rosettes no problem. For a simple tutorial on how to make the rosettes, go here.

 One problem with crafting late at night when you are the only responsible adult at home is that if you don't have a certain supply, you can't just run out and buy it. So instead of making my wreath on a wreath form, I made it from an old diaper box that I cut into a donut shape using a mixing bowl and a plate as a template.

 Once I got it cut out, I covered it with a quick coat of paint. Once that was dry, I hot glued my rosettes around the center of the wreath.

 For the second row, I added rosettes between the gaps in the first row. Then I did that again with the third row.

 Finally, I used leftover scraps to make tiny rosettes to fill in any blank spaces.

 I love the texture! I could just pet it all day!

I really love it. I keep thinking of all the fun things to do with these rosettes-- cover a picture frame, add them to a bag, make your child's initial and hang it on their wall.... Possibilities are endless!


  1. Love it! Not sure the whole initial thing would work for a boy though.

  2. I have been wanting to make one of these forever, my front door really needs something valentiney.