Monday, February 28, 2011


If you live in this house, you have to be a BYU fan. I'm probably the least committed of all of us, but my husband has trained the girls well. See, every time there is a game on that he wants to watch, he takes them all to the grocery store and lets them pick a treat and a soda to eat while they watch the game. It keeps them occupied for about the first half, then they usually go off to do their own thing. Bottom line is, these girls love BYU games.
And, you may or may not have heard, but the BYU basketball team is doing AWESOME this year. Last Saturday the girls were super pumped to watch "the biggest regular season game in BYU history" (according to T). So, while we did our regular Saturday chores, they made BYU banners on their own accord.
Then they wanted to add glitter.
Ahh, glitter. What little girl doesn't love glitter? What mom doesn't hate glitter? It is super duper messy and sticks to everything.
There are rules regarding glitter:
1. Hide it way up out of their reach so they must have your help using it.
2. Never let the two year old see it.
3. Every glitter project must fit inside the Glitter Box. That way, you can shake glitter all over your artwork and still control the mess. Just pour whatever is left in the box back in your glitter jar when you're done. See, practical and economical. It's perfect.
And so we added glitter to our BYU banners. Jimmer would be proud.

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  1. I never would have thought of a box to keep the glitter contained. Smart thinking.