Thursday, March 10, 2011

Repurpose: Girl's Ruffled Neck T Tutorial

Look at this adorable little T I made for my little girl yesterday.

It started with this men's shirt I bought for 30 cents last summer.

For a great tutorial on creating your own pattern from a shirt you already own, check out this from Ashley at Make It and Love It.

Once you get the pattern cut, sew the shoulder seams together. Then, carefully pin the sleeve peices on. It will look like this.

Sew the sleeves on, then iron the seam. It will look like this. (See how I was super clever and used the existing hem from the shirt for the hem on the sleeve? I did this on the bottom of the shirt as well. Just a way to make life easier.)

Flip it inside out again and sew. Start at the edge of the sleeve, then follow down the side of the shirt.

For the ruffled collar, I cut two strips across the length of the old T shirt. One was 1.5 inches, the other 1 inch. I did a gather stitch on each one, then layered the smaller peice on top of the larger peice and pinned.

Then I pinned this to the neckline of the new T. It's awesome because it covers up the unfinished edge of the shirt.

I wrapped and pinned all the way around the neck, then snipped off the extra. I sewed it to the shirt using a regular straight stitch and it was good to go.

Love that adorable little ruffle!

Getting ready for spring with some short sleeves. Can't wait for warm weather!


  1. LOVE IT! If I get enough nerve I will have to give this a try. You are super talented girl!

  2. Way to go! I love this. It looks fantastic!