Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

What is it about holidays? My little girl is PUMPED for St. Patrick's Day. So, I've spent the evening trying to find some cute ideas of things for us to do this week to celebrate and thought I'd share some with you. I have some ideas of my own that hopefully I'll get around to, and posted, all before Thursday. Wish me luck!

1. St. Patrick's Day Stamp from
Green Stamp

2. Rainbow Pot of Gold by Serving Pink Lemonade

3. St. Patty's Day Hairbows from Ten Cow Chick

4. Handprint Rainbow from Kaboose

5. Lucky Irish Kisses from My Little Gems


  1. Thanks Laurie! I know we're going to try some of those ideas! I'm sending you an email to my blog so you can try the skittles game we did last year if you want. I bet you can do a better job with it than I did. :)