Monday, April 25, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new-- ish

A couple weeks ago it was sunny (though not exactly warm) and I decided to finish up some projects. I've wanted to repaint these things since I changed my familly room/kitchen last fall and I was happy to have the weather cooperate.
(Let's not talk about how I thought my kids were also cooperating by playing nicely inside while I painted, but when I came in I discovered they had used markers to paint my blinds. Grr. No more markers at this house.)
So, here's the line-up: one chair I bought for 50 cents at a yard sale, one magnet board my MIL gave me 6 years ago, and one calendar holder I got at our ward's Big Give last year. Speaking of which, the next one is scheduled for May 14 and I am pumped! I love going through other people's junk!

 I used spray paint on the chair and it was easy peasy. But I had a can of white paint laying around, so I used that on the two boards. It took forever for the paint to dry, plus I had to do about 5 coats because I was covering up the black paint underneath.
I just got a Silhouette and used that to cut out some vinyl for the magnet board. I love it!
 Our family tradition is to buy a magnet for every trip we go on. My husband, who is really the sentimental one around here, has grand visions of 50 years from now when we have an entire wall devoted to all our vacation magnets. He's cute like that.
 Here's a picture without my shadow  blocking the view. I lack photo skills.

 Here's the calendar holder. This is my favorite because of the way the black paint underneath kind of showed up when I shabbied up the edges.
How cute is that!
I'm glad to cross one more thing off my to-do list. There's still about ninety seven thousand more.

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  1. I love how they all turned out, but sorry about your blinds.